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Samara Casewell Headshot.jpg

CV 2019    

Samara is an intricate aerialist, handstand obsessive and contortion enthusiast, who loves dissecting movement and creating magic with it. She ran away to the circus in 2011, training with Greentop Circus and then joining a touring circus. Since then, Samara has taught and performed across the UK and in her home city, Hong Kong.


Samara is an analytic teacher and performer. Fascinated with how and why things work in her teaching and performing. She loves breaking down movement and rebuilding it: as a teacher, helping her students understand moves; as a performer, creating magic through movements and transitions. Her intense interest in how and why bodies and equipment work has branched out to a desire to understand aerial safety. She has acquired an IRATA Level 1 certification through Lyon Equipment.


She is attracted to the explorative and unusual in circus arts and has worked on projects using circus arts in different ways. She worked on the Akram Khan's Lowry Exhibition 'From the One Side to the Other(2014)' as a harness performer . Most recently she got to tackle issues of race and gender in circus and her own identity as a mixed race colonial child in 'The Sisterhood of the Ring(2018)' a collaborative work with the National Fairground Archive.

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